The European Talent Support Network is a continuously transforming and developing system, with the European Talent Centres that are its hubs and the so-called European Talent Points being nodes acting as equal members. It was officially founded on 29 September 2015, in the Brussels European Parliament building, in the presence of senior EU officials and MEPs.

The Network with its 25 Talent Centres from Austria (2), Belgium (2), Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, the Netherlands, Ireland, Lithuania, Hungary, Germany (2), Italy, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Peru, Saudi-Arabia, Portugal, Croatia, the United Arab Emirates and India) and almost 400 Talent Points from 44 countries all around the world.

It is a rich source of European cultural diversity, providing a wonderful resource of best practices to apply cutting edge scientific results in the field of high ability and to help highly able people in Europe.

The Network is a self-correcting, learning organization, where the help and guidance of ECHA is a key element of success. Trust and personal contacts proved to be crucial in network building. Sharing and giving, transparency, serving others, as well as establishing a joint identity, joint service and community feeling are the key values of the European Talent Support Network.

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