RESEARCH ECHOES: Creativity and Resilience for Radical Innovation

Towards Radical Innovation: An Exploration of the Dance Between Creativity and Resilience

Miguelina M. Nuñez

Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

25 July 2018

            Keywords: creativity, resilience, innovation, communication

Scholars routinely identify ‘openness to experience’[1] or permeability as essential to creativity, innovation, and resilience. In his exploration of social network ties and creativity, for example, Markus Baer notes that “open individuals are characterized not only by a need to seek out new and varied experiences but also by a particularly permeable structure of consciousness allowing for better integration and combination of new and unrelated information.”[2] Permeability is, in this context, a precondition for creativity. In her work on social capital and innovation, Katja Rost determines that permeable social structures with “holes” facilitating “frequent communication, enhance[ ] innovation.”[3] Here, permeability is a precondition for (radical) innovation. And finally, while not a sufficient precondition on its own, permeability is indeed necessary to nurturing resilience.  I imagine that a consolidated exploration of creativity and resilience through this critical component – permeability – could provide insight on theoretical and practical mechanisms for enhancing creativity and ultimately, radicalizing innovation. Continue reading “RESEARCH ECHOES: Creativity and Resilience for Radical Innovation”

RESEARCH ECHOES: New Model of Preschool Education

In the article you can read about a verified program of emotional intelligence development combined with introducing ICT tools and elements of science into preschool education in the form of free play. The Program aims at preparing children for functioning in the world of the future. Such a young person is able to diagnose emotions, express them in a way that does not offend peers’ feelings, should broaden intellectual horizons on the basis of skillful selection of data (selected ICT tool and, above all, should naturally perceive science as great fun.

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EGIFT SUMMER SCHOOL 2018 successfully concluded. Altogether 49 participants, mostly experienced professionals in GE from 8 EU countries, spent a week together sharing and discussing their educational practices with gifted students. The focus of the event was to deepen and expand the knowledge on why and how to optimize approaches for cultivation of young people talents (Centre for Research and Promotion of Giftedness at Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana). You might add also pictures attached.