TalentWeb Newsletter Issue 3


The European Talent Support Network (ETSN) is an umbrella organization for around 400 institutions dedicated to the common objective of talent development. However, the range of these institutions is gigantic. They vary with regard to:

  • Size (from just a few members to tens of thousands of members);
  • Expertise in talent development and gifted education (from layperson associations to specialized researched institutions and counseling centers);
  • Focus (talent development as the only aim versus talent development as one aim among many others),
  • Connectivity (rather isolated institutions with no experience in advocacy versus highly politically active organizations with a number of coalitions in talent development).

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TalentWeb Newsletter Issue 2

Words from the Chairman

One of the most influential ideas of the entire European culture and intellectual history was Descartes’s cogito, ergo sum (“I think therefore I am”). In gifted education, we still feel its enduring resonance in concepts of giftedness that are top heavy and that neglect humans’ non-cognitive side. In the age of networks and gifted advocacy, however, an updated version of Descartes’s Cogito would be, “I am seen, therefore I am.” More recently, at least within the context of high ability studies, this proposition has evolved: “We are seen, therefore we are.” Continue reading “TalentWeb Newsletter Issue 2”

TalentWeb Newsletter Issue 1


It is with great pleasure that I deliver the introductory remarks for the first edition of the European Talent Support Network’s newsletter on behalf of its Council members Fuszek Csilla (Secretary), Colm O’Reilly (Treasurer), Mojca Juriševič, and Antonios Apostolou. First and foremost, I would like to thank them for their outstanding commitment to their offices. The tremendous progress that the ETSN has made over the last year would not have been possible without the dedicated contributions of its council members. I would like to highlight some of these accomplishments, starting with the most obvious feat: the launch of TalentWeb, the ETSN newsletter. I am thrilled to have won Antonios Apostolou over, and I wish him success in his new role as TalentWeb Editor. Continue reading “TalentWeb Newsletter Issue 1”