Introducing… STEM MAGAZINE

Useful reading for educators and students from the world of science and technology.

by Balázs Hornyák

E-magazines, which are easily accessible from computers or mobile devices are gaining ground in the past decades. These publications are   extremely popular among young people since they are easy to use and easily accessible with their spectacular graphics, interesting content and popular readings. Lovers of sciences and technology can choose from various exciting themes in the columns of STEM Magazine.[1] This magazine is a monthly electronic publication aimed at talented, motivated students, teachers who tend to update their practices, and   parents who are interested.

Wayne Carley is the Editor in Chief   and publisher of all STEM Magazines. Wayne has been an educator of children and adults for over 17 years. Since 2006, Wayne has focused on STEM related curriculum and concepts having served as the lead S.T.E.M. instructor for grades 6 through adult at the National STEM Academy. Wayne has personally taught over 87,000 students in hundreds of classrooms. His educational experience in state and private schools successfully utilizes the content of STEM magazine.

For instance, in the October 2017 issue of STEM there is an interesting article on architecture. Young people can learn about the differences between industrial architects and landscapers, inspired by Nicole Dossot, designer of 7 WTC, and they get a picture of the work of Agata Dzianach, who is a widely known architect-researcher. The authors show spectacular illustrations of the increasingly popular green design technology.

The diversity of themes is demonstrated by the interview with Eva Shaw, a Canadian model  and DJ. The interview was published in STEM Women magazine in April 2017 Eva speaks about the relationship between mathematics and music in details, exploring the contexts of different fields of sciences and music. We can get answers about the relationship between our biorhythm and music, and how these observations are used by DJs in their composing practice. Finally, the article also shows how the technology’s development has an impact on the music industry.

Perhaps these two examples may also show that the themes selected by the authors offer exciting and useful readings to subscribers, they are suitable for supplementing the curriculum and can be used to design enrichment programs for talented young people.

STEM Magazine believes that the key to success in seeing higher graduation rates, improved testing results, rests in the hands of the teacher. The example and inspiration of individual educators has a huge impact on the quality and effectiveness of the classroom environment.

The publisher of the magazine is proud of the fact that STEM is enriched by writings of well-known and recognized authors from month to month. The articles are writers of leading university teachers, members of literary platforms, experts from the corporate sector, researchers and politicians. Their knowledge, experience and professionalism are a guarantee that the publication meets the ever-changing needs of educators, students and parents.

STEM magazine family consists of various editions aimed at different target audience. STEM Canada, STEM for Women, specifically published for women, STEAM Magazine is primarily aimed at teachers and CTIM Magazine is the Spanish language version of the magazine. More information about the magazine family can be found on

[1] STEM is a well-known term in both education and the labor market; STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)